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Save Money, Waste Less

By converting to LED lighting, our clients reduce energy consumption by up to 90%, while virtually eliminating the costs of bulb replacements and regular maintenance for many years.

Our products cut down on wasted spending on electricity, and the added waste of producing, transporting and disposing of all those shorter life lights and their packages being dumped into our landfills.

Safer Light, Better for the Environment

LED lighting contains no mercury, a toxic element contained in every CFL energy saving bulb and fluorescent tube. It also produces no UV or IR emissions.

LED technology promotes a cleaner planet, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, like CO2, that impacts the air we breathe. It also eliminates the added waste of shorter life bulbs and packages going into our landfills.

Businesses who choose LED help conserve the scarce natural resources we consume to generate most of our electricity.

Give Back, Help Others

An integral part of Doing Well and Doing Good, LED lighting motivates us to be a beacon for change, restoring our belief in humanity and supporting each other to live a better life.

For every Affinity LED Lighting product purchased, we'll donate 1% to provide help to others in need.

  • Steve Lieber, President, Affinity LED Lighting

    We're Building a Better Way of Doing Business

    Our view of doing business is to help our clients save on electricity and maintenance costs, while improving lighting quality and reducing their environmental impact.  We founded our company on this belief, that Doing Well and Doing Good are not mutually exclusive business goals.

    Steve Lieber President, Affinity LED Lighting

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